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我们的综合经验和超过35年的行业专业知识使我们能够为制药公司提供建议和帮助, and their logistics partners, to deliver pharmaceuticals in need of temperature-control all over the world. 主要目标是通过在整个冷链中保持药品的完整性和质量来安全交付药品.

Currently, we are more than 360 employees in 3 regional operations centers, 50+ service stations, central operations as well as sales management teams, our in-house production facility, and our own R&D department. We develop, manufacture and offer leasing of FAA/EASA certified, 清洁和功能的容器,以及创新的工具和服务,以进行验证, planning, shipping, and follow-up of temperature-controlled air transport.

我们共同努力,以满足我们的客户对创新和可靠的解决方案的需求-可从任何地点到任何目的地. 我们有一个合作伙伴服务网络,其中包括300多名每天使用我们解决方案的员工.

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某些货物在运输过程中需要保持特定的温度, for example, sensitive pharmaceutical products or high-tech components. 温控物流的重点是确保对温度敏感的货物的安全储存和运输. 

Temperature-controlled air cargo shipments

为了确保需要温度控制的货物的安全运输,需要多方的合作. 制造商有责任确保所有相关方都了解m88官方运输的条件, for example, 确保所有货物都遵循标准操作程序(SOP). SOP将根据所运m88官方的类型和贸易通道而有所不同.

对许多人来说,空运是对温度敏感的货物的首选运输方式,因为它有助于减少地理上的挑战, 减轻地面基础设施的缺乏,减少运输时间,这有助于减少货物暴露在外部条件下的时间. Another significant advantage is the reduction of time-to-market, 特别是对于不能延迟的商品,如新m88官方的推出.


  • the shipper of the goods
  • a service provider such as a forwarder or integrator
  • an airline
  • a packaging solutions provider

Quick Facts about m88官方下载

Thanks to a truly global presence, with the world’s largest container fleet, most extensive network and more than 35 years of industry expertise, m88官方下载能够满足从任何地点到任何目的地的药品运输的创新和可靠的冷链解决方案的需求.

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  • m88官方下载 is climate neutral in scope 1 and 2, and in scope 3 excluding use phase, including compensation of all non-avoidable emissions.
  • More than 7,500 active temperature-controlled containers in the fleet, all container types are FAA and EASA certified
  • 每天为所有主要制药商运送约200万剂药品
  • 覆盖100多个国家和300多个机场的2000多条医药贸易通道
  • Over 35 years of experience – m88官方下载 was founded in 1985

Core Values

At m88官方下载, our core values describe how we interact with each other, with our customers and partners. 这些价值观构成了我们开展工作和行为的坚实基础. 它们深深植根于我们的历史,对环境公司的长期成功至关重要.

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Sustainability is an important part of our business model. Based on our philosophy of continuous improvement, 我们努力进一步提升各领域可持续发展影响力,为实现联合国2030年可持续发展议程的可持续发展目标作出贡献.

《m88官方下载》概述了环保人士企业责任的主要原则, as well as the personal, 所有环境员工都应遵守的道德和专业原则, and which guide our relations with other employees, customers, suppliers, society and shareholders.

Code of Conduct

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Modern slavery and human trafficking statement

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英国现代奴隶制法案(MSA)要求在英国经营的公司发布一份奴隶制和人口贩运声明. 环境保护组织人权方针的核心是国际公认的《m88官方下载》. 在我们的行为准则中,我们承诺在所有业务领域都以负责任和诚信的方式行事.

我们的使命是使全球获得生物制药,作为这一目标的一部分,我们支持 "Doctors Without Borders" (Médecins Sans Frontières), an international, 向受冲突影响的人提供医疗援助的独立医疗人道主义组织, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from healthcare.