Our Eco-system

It’s an unpredictable world out there with many potential pitfalls and challenges.

There are pharmaceuticals that have greater value than any price that can be put on them. Products that change lives. We believe the best way to protect pharma is with our eco-system of people, solutions, and partners across the world. 

It starts with solutions to prevent pharmaceutical products from being compromised during air transport. It also extends beyond the packaging solution. It entails people who are passionate about securing the safe delivery of pharmaceuticals to the people that depend upon them and that understands and can act based on the local market conditions.

This is why we share our real-life experiences of shipping more than 2,000,000 doses of pharmaceuticals every day with our cold chain partners, covering more than 2,000 pharma trade-lanes across the world. It is also why we have trained more than 27,000 cold chain stakeholders over the past 4 years.

At m88官方下载, our eco-system gives pharmaceutical companies the ability to match their need for risk mitigation and cost, depending on where they are in their product's life-cycle.

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Why choose us as your preferred partner?

Ship anywhere in the world

We offer unsurpassable logistics coverage across the world. We have 50+ service stations globally, covering over 300 airports, over 2,000 trade lanes, and have regional operations centers in APAC, EMEA, and Americas.

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We are where you need us

Global presence means being there when you need us. We provide industry leading market coverage by doing business with over 600+ pharma companies, 100+ airlines, and 40+ forwarders globally. We also have 50+ sales representatives in 20 countries, who can support your specific needs with their local knowledge and expertise. 

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We're your extended team

We know the cold chain and our staff makes up the backbone of our success. This includes more than 320 employees in 3 regional operations centers, 50+ service stations, Central Operations, and Sales management teams, in-house production facility, and an integrated R&D department.

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Lease when you need

As we have the largest fleet in the industry, we ship up to 2 million doses of medicine each day. We currently have over 6,000 active temperature-controlled containers in our fleet and it’s growing every day.

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More benefits:

  • Less packaging (material and time) needed which saves money
  • Eliminated loss and damage which reduces waste and reputational risk
  • The assurance of knowing that products are transported under strictly controlled conditions and within a certain temperature range
  • Shorter time to market which improves the likelihood of successful market entry
  • Fulfillment of increasingly stringent regulations which avoids shipments being delayed by non-compliance
  • An increased insight of where challenges may lie and how to mitigate them to increase predictability of the cold-chain
  • Improved product integrity

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